Stroke's care

Occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is reduced or blocked completely, which prevents brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients.

Stroke's Care

Treatment is based on the type of stroke. For ischaemic stroke or transient ischaemic attack, medication or surgery or both can be recommended and for haemorrhagic stroke, surgery is recommended.

Thus , Here at Focus Care Link We have specalist team of care workers and registered nurses who can understand the emotional, social and physical challanges that person affected with stroke undergoes.
Our team have had extensive training in providing remarkable and specalist care and support to person affected by Stroke.

" As different parts of brain control different parts of the body, symptoms will depend on the part of brain affected and the extent of damage. The main symptoms are: Paralysis or numbness or inability to move parts of The face, arm, or leg - particularly on one side of The body, Confusion- including trouble with speaking, Headache with vomiting, Trouble seeing in one or both eyes and Metallic taste in mouth"

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Acquired Brain Injury

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